It’s all about data, baby!

As some of you might know, I’m sick. Catched a cold :(. For 4 days at home now and I’ve decided to stay at home at least for tomorrow. Although feeling ill is very bad, it has some advantages… I’ve been able to run trough all the Channel 9 movies I wanted to see for a long time and yesterday and today I’ve been able to explore ADO.NET pretty much.

Ofcourse that last thing, ADO.NET, isn’t new at all. It’s also one of the most easiest parts of the .NET Framework. At least to understand… Well until now then! As ADO.NET was delivert with the last version of Orcas(March CTP), it finally became time to spent some attention to it. And yes I do like it :). The general idea is that you replace your datalayer with generated ADO.NET Entity code. Although it are still CTP’s, it seems to work smoothly. I picked up the idea to create the ‘Item’-Entity of Sitecore, but as Orcas is also a CTP, there seemed to be some little problems with connecting to existing databases ;). But will come back on that. Also the idea is so damn cool!Creating an undependant data-abstraction which is modifiable and mappable without having to change your code. A really good approach for writing Sitecore solutions. Definitelly have to look how to do that and how that could be improved.

For now, the headache seem to come up again. I dive back into my warm bed. Sorry for no links and even a spellcheck. Might update it later.

2 thoughts on “It’s all about data, baby!”

  1. Orcas does seem kinda cool, I’ll look forward to my next cold where I might get a chance to explore it further. In the mean time, feel better, Alex 🙂

  2. well, guess what, i’m sick to..

    i’m not that keen on the size of orcas at the moment, don’t know if i’ll ever be that sick so i can download 5-something GB, but i started it last week, so we’ll see.

    get well man,


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