Developers knowledge session 1: Datastructures

Yeah it’s been a while. Exactly: tomorrow a month ago. I’ve talked with my colleagues about datastructures in Sitecore. How use stuff like Proxies, Relations, etc. And from now on, I’ll do this every month, not just datastructures but all kind of topics.

When you’re interested or you want to share Sitecore knowledge, feel free to download, read and use the slides. They are in a LECTRIC layout, but again, feel free to modify that. Have to say, in Microsoft ratings this session is around the level 200(100-500), so it’s a good start. Next week I’ll discuss Design Patterns with our Sitecore team. This becomes a way higher level. Last but not least, just before the friday afternoon beers: you won’t find a lot structure in the full program of these sessions. The slides individual contain ofcourse enough structure, but these slides can also be presented as second or third. It are just advanced topic, not in a relevant order. That’s what I call Sitecore for real men….

Enjoy your weekend.
And download the slides here

3 thoughts on “Developers knowledge session 1: Datastructures”

  1. good work man, gonna make use of these in discussions we have.

    i like the approach of slides, makes the topics more flexible in terms of what the outcome is.

    What about bringing it another step back and from an architectural point of view define how a certain type of site (like those outlined in the document) should implement sitecore (or any other cms) and structure.. a somewhat split between information architecture and system design?

    anyways, good work!


  2. I’m not easily impressed Alex, but this cleary illustrates why you have been awarded MVP (logo coming in less than two weeks).

    I like the Pros/Cons of each topic. Any technology has benefits and disadvantages.

    A real good job done here!

  3. Alex, a fine set of slides you got there. Im actually really looking forward to your discussion of GOF patterns in the Sitecore API – that will be interesting 🙂

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