Some new stuff on my path

Several new stuff has come on my path the last weeks. Starting last week with 2 new colleagues…. from Minsk, Belarus. Together with another 2 guys they are about to start LECTRIC Minsk. Welcome Aliaskei Uladzimir(hope I spelled both names well)! The most important task this weeks is to get ‘m familiar with us, the LECTRIC culture, the colleagues and let them work with Sitecore. Yesterday they passed the Level 1 exam, hopefully tomorrow the Level 2.
Speaking about Level 2, I’ve to finish that one finally too. And tomorrow will also be that day! Guess I’ll be able to pass the exam, but hopefully my score will be sufficient enough ;-). As we’ve got lot of people who had to pass the exam, we’ve decided to do another course which was today. The members form the Sitecore team, who participated, Max, Ben & Martijn, passed the exam. Congratz! Hopefully we can add Castor(a new guy), Sjoerd, Aliaksei, Uladzimir and myself to that list tomorrow.

But as the training days have started today, Paul, one of our managers, decided to take us out for dinner. Kerry Bellerose, the trainer from Sitecore also participated. He’s a nice guy and he’s also really funny. I guess everybody had a good time :). Thank you Kerry for your time to share with us. I really appreciate it :).
The struggling thing about the trainings is that I’ve arranged ‘m. Not everything went that easy, but most of it did. I’ve got a checklist now for next time. Some other stuff to arrange is LECTRIC 10yr. Yes we’re celebrating. In November we went to Berlin, and now we’ve to arrange a final party. And yes who’s in charge? Exactly. It takes a lot of time….

As that isn’t good enoug I’ve started my last year @ school which means I’ve to do some final big project and hopefully at around January next year or, in worst case, June, I’ve graduated. I’ve to provide a final project to the university which is valuable enough for my personal employment. Don’t know what to select. I’m thinking about creating a Sitecore based ‘something'(DSL’s?), or select a project @ LECTRIC or…. Well I do not know yet. Any suggestions are definitelly welcome! It can be both practical or research so share your thoughts and ideas… please?

Then, I want to announce, I’m going to leave Team Sitecore @ LECTRIC for a while. I’m going to join the team who creates excellent solution with the system SmartSite. SmartSite is still VB6, which is very ugly poor old technology, but the reason for me to do that is to get a better view about Content Management which is becoming more and more a main process in the daily business world. Don’t worry, I’ll continue blogging about Sitecore. I even received 2 week returning in our Project Schedule! So I’ll spread the word inside LECTRIC, on the blog, etc. I might will change my look a little, but that can only improve the product, don’t you think?
I’ll take some time for more CMS’s such as Umbraco, Typo3, SmartSite, GX, MediaSurface, Reddot and Tridion as well(all before the summer ofcourse…). And thinking about creating my own matrix. Till now, Sitecore always has the best scores, but this might change? I will not doubt about that looking at the current development, plans and public roadmaps….

That’s again way enough about my daily adventures. The last 2 things I want to share with you before I go to sleep:

  • Read this incredible funny and wise article about programmers who can’t read. Sometimes I’m really like that…
  • Sorry Jacqueline, we’ve been talking about Document Management en Security Management last week and this monday, I’m going to finsih the article… I promise! But not before friday… Sorry again! It’s worth sharing but the article should be at least at the same quality our discussion/conversation was!

3 thoughts on “Some new stuff on my path”

  1. TRAITOR!!! Of course I already knew you were leaving for a few weeks with the enemy, but we’re gonna make it hard on you…

    Dinner was great indeed, and I think I speak for both of us when I say we really are going for 100% on the Level 2 Developer training today 😉

    If we get that high a score is to be seen, but at least we’ll try


  2. dude.. VB6? i know you’re always up for a good challange, but still.. 😉

    maybe everyone should to that – take a step back so they can see more clearly where they’re at..



  3. oh, just to clarify my comment:

    “VB6?” as in “shit, you’re way to skilled for that”, just for the record 🙂


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