Software how software shouldn’t be: Acrobat Reader

Since last thursday I’ve got a brilliant new notebook. It’s incredible fast and even quite good looking. Till today I was pretty happy with all the stuff I’d to install. Starting with the regular developer tools till stuff to make it possible for me to blog. But just 10 minutes ago I became very sad… I had to install Acrobat Reader.

What a terrible piece of software! You have to download 20 Mb for a Reader? The past versions maked my machines always crash and  navigating trough PDF-files is always horrible and slow. Adobe, please tell me why? Why not create a tiny and fast viewer such as the Visio 2007 Viewer is? Or even better Irfanview for PSDs. And I don’t have to talk about the plugin in Acrobat Reader, have I? And the past, 7 version, didn’t stop its process when you opened a file from the internet and moved away from it.
Well, a small light at the end of the tunnel: poort version 7 is replaced by version 8. Hopefully, they have realized they should improve a lot, but that would be the first time for Adobe…

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  1. Uh, yes this is driving me insane too: Try to open the Acrobat reader from a web page. Even though you close your internet browser, it resides in memory taking up … well 20 MB.

    Next time though it opens slighty faster. So if you’re the type that opens thousands of PDF documents this is an advantage. For me, it’s just memory consumption.

    Like another application that EATS resources and memory: ITunes and IPod updater and whatever also get loaded into permanent CPU and memory consumption when you install any of these programs.

    This is exactly why I’ve started to hate my IPod nano. To get files on it, these are installed. Every time i move a piece of music, I need to run startup cop to remove these extremely annoying background programs from starting every time you start windows.

  2. That’s why I loooove my Creative Muvo! The file system on it IS the music database, so I don’t even have to install a driver to update my MP3 player. (and it works from wmp11, which I use anyway).

    But, indeed, Acrobat Reader sucks bigtime. I’ve tried to turn off the updates, but that seems to switch itself back on everytime. And on top of that, the update engine crashes all the time when shutting down… quite nice…

  3. I stopped with Acrobat 5 but it’s hard to find so I keep an old binary, and it’s still rather annoying software. I often use other free PDF readers but they generally don’t print as well.

    It would be interesting to know if Adobe has received this kind of feedback. They should make a lightweight version and another version with all the crap loaded in.

  4. I think pretty much everyone agrees that acrobat reader is an awful piece of software. Personally, I hate how unresponsive everything gets when this thing tries to load itself and creep into your browser when you open web pdf file.

    Nice laptop!

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