Joe White’s ReSharper tips

As I know a lot of you guys use ReSharper, at least the whole Sitecore team does. From Core development to the Support team to the Trainers/Solutions Architects, all of them think it’s a really valuable product. And so do I. I’m even going to recommend it to the Teamlead’s @ LECTRIC, to buy a license for all .NET developer although the quote of $249 is a bit to high in my opinion.

But ReSharper is only usefull when you take so time to get used to the advanced shortcuts it’s offering. Joe White gives, during a whole month(=31 days), every day a set of tips how to use ReSharper. He’s already reaching the end of the month(last friday was day 23), but all posts remain ofcourse online. You can find the full updated list of tips and hints here. Have fun reading!