Typo3 : Finally the right way?

The last weeks I’ve been struggling with Typo 3. It’s a PHP CMS which has a big community and lots of fans over the world. And as Umbraco and Sitecore are, Typo3 is originally from Denmark.

During the last weeks I’ve had several problems with the system. It’s not that it isn’t working, but I’m missing the amount of control I’m used to with other systems. Such as Umbraco and of course my favorite ;). It takes to long to describe all my problems now, but what Ithe positive words I want to share is way more important: The Typo3 core-team is redesigning their solution! Last weekend, they’ve had a core-team meet from which the results can be found here.

Typo3 5.0 Layered Architecture draft

They have talked about all kinds of developing a product, from the code base to architecture, from maintenance to infrastructure, all parts are discussed and I’ve to say: I’m impressed! During the last days they’ve also updated the roadmap. Some of the most interesting topics on it:

  • Milestone 1: The core system will be redesigned, the full content structure is going to change and becomes platform/database indepentdant en very puggable.
  • Milestone 1: All the core parts will be developed using a Test Driven Developement approach.
  • Milestone 2: The full security model will be recreated
  • And finally in milestone 3: Recreation of the ugly unflexible, inbelievable horrible template engine ;). Also a redesign of TypoScript.
  • Milestone 4: Rebirth of the client. Some people compare the current client to a ugly beast.

I’m pretty happy they have realized this really has to be done, And as I take myself way to serious, I’m going to write the developers a white paper including all my problems, suggestions, etc. The letter will include some highly remommendations for TypoScript, Template engine and the way Extensions are built and defined. Hopefully they will take the time to read it. You can expect the white paper by the end of next week.

The Typo3 teamhttp://news.typo3.org/news/article/results-of-typo3-50-meeting-in-berlin/

Last but not least… Why??? You supposed to write Sitecore modules! Yep yep, you’re right and there are some upcoming, but the reason to do this is quite simple:
First of all, I like the way those guys work, they meet each other on a weekend off in Berlin, discuss, go home with some excellent ideas, work ‘m out and present ‘m to the world. That’s the way I like open source!
And second as a reward for the platform they deliver for the solution I’m implemention in my spare time as a volunteer for a Jazz Festival.

If anyone want to contribute, feel free to drop a comment or sent me an e-mail.

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  1. Just stumbled upon this article. About 5 years after you wrote this article the new version of TYPO3 now called as TYPO3 Neos is releasing on December 10, 2013


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