MondoSearch integration *Updated*

Today, Allan Thræn has published an excellent article on the MondoSearch integration in Sitecore. A couple months ago, as lead-engineer of the product, Allan gave my colleague Ben and me a cool demo of the Sitecore 5.2 based integration of MondoSearch. We we’re happily surprised! It’s a wonderful, easily configurable and maybe even more important, very fast module. Next to it, Allan is very nice chap. He answered very patient all our questions and we’d even some time to laugh.
These days, the 5.3 integration seems to be ready and it really becomes time to pay some attention to this module. It’s more expensive then dtSearch for example is, but is has much more functionality. So I promise, before the end of February, I’ll take a further look at it. For this moment, just have a look at the following blog articles of Allan:

By the way, his blog is it worth to becomes a part of your opml.

Update: I’ve added part 3 of the series. And updated some brandnames ;).

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Alex. A “Part 3” article is coming up later today with some more screenshots. Hopefully the demo-server will also go live tomorrow – so everybody can try it out for themselfes. Btw it’s “MondoSearch” 🙂

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