Test migration 5.2 -> 5.3: Why and how…

For one of our customers, I’m going to do a test migration from Sitecore 5.2 to 5.3 the rest of today and tomorrow. The goals of the test migration:

  • Find out what’s the main problem: code or content
  • Find out how many time is exactly spent when upgrading the original databases to a new, 5.3 version
  • Check which CMS-changes has to be done
  • Look at the possibility to replace parts of the code with Sitecore code

So that are the goals. Now the reason to do this study before the final upgrade. Well that’s quite obvious, the customer asked us to assess the time it would take to upgrade from 5.2 to 5.3 and I thought it should be possible within 9 days. And ofcourse they expected it to be faster, so they give me one day to show I was right or totally wrong.

My plan:

  1. Figure out how the Migration module exactly works
  2. Build the solution of the customer against the 5.3 Sitecore.Kernel.dll. Afterwards look at the errors, etc.
  3. Build our own custom components which are converted yet against Sitecore(such as custom fields, etc).
  4. Look at XSLT forward-compatability
  5. Set up a clean 5.3 instance on a development machine
  6. Prepare content conversion by installing the Migration module
  7. Preform migration with 10% of the Media Lib Items(are the biggest problems as they should be inserted in the database)
  8. Walk trough CMS, check for problems
  9. Figure out how much should be converted between master and shared values, etc
  10. Refine the time I need to do the full upgrade

How much time will these steps take:
1: 0,5 hour
2 – 4: 2,5 hours
5 + 6: 0,5 hour
7: 2 hour
8 + 9: 1,5 hour
10: 1 hour

That’s a total of 8 hours. And have to do a presentation tomorrow between those hours… hmmzz, guess it becomes quite busy! Stay tuned for more info!