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Yes it’s time to do an update on Microsoft. They are incredible busy. And they are releasing like no other company is able. Make sure you got a minute or 60 to explore all these features! Just grap another cup of coffee before you start! Because here’s the summary of January:

  • Orcas update: the January CTP is released. There are 2 downloads. One containing the installer and one on the regular Virtual machine. I’m going to wait until the next CTP(February) as again downloading 6Gb will be way to much work for me. Here are the (hidden) release notes located and here the public(blog-o-sphere). Some people are a bit confused, is this the December CTP? Actually it isn’t as modification are made later, but some parts are indeed (internally) release in February.
  • Orcas update 2: Microsoft is announcing the new cool Webdesigner. Look at this blog post of Mikhail Arkhipov. Can’t wait to get my hand on the February CTP of Orcas :D!
  • Sandcastle: Allright it isn’t January, but back in 2006 the documentation team of Microsoft has release a new version of Sandcastle. Check out here
  • Enterprise Library 3.0 update: Tom Hollander(I like his name ;)) announces this release of this brilliant piece of software. The coolest new block is the validation block. For more details on releases, read this entry by Tom.
  • ASP.NET AJAX 1.0 Released, yes finally it is! Peter, have fun! Ow yeah, Jakob, I do expect 5.4 to take advantage of it 😛
  • Expression suite is for sale. Take a quick look at their website and impress the designers at your company!
  • Software factories: Webservice and Webclient factories are released :D. My hands only have touched the second one, but I can promise, you’ll love them. Although it might be hard to that advantage of the model in your first project. But I promise, it provides a great insight in your own solutions, from a different perspective. For the freaks, read this post.
  • The Microsoft website is updated today as Alexey writes about.

That’s it for now. Going to play tennis for a moment :D…. Brrrrrr cold 😉

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  1. i’ll surely have fun now, if i can manage to get away from xbox live for a night..

    thanks for the heads up 🙂


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