So much on my mind

Yes, guess that’s the right title for this post. Almost every day of the last 2 weeks, almost every hour and nearly every quarter I’ve decided to do a blogpost, but all of them didn’t make it. I guess it’s just because my head is just to full of ideas. I’ll tell you guys what goes on in my mind and what kind of projects I’m working on and what kind of ideas I’ve for Sitecore.

First of all, since the start of the month I haven’t been working anymore on just a closed project. Lots enhancement on already existing projects, customer questions and team/company/personal development came on my way.

By the way, we’re about to finish our first 5.3 projects. In a random order: an intranet(big up to my colleagues Ben and Sjoerd), a corporate website(nice job by my teamlead Martijn with some help from my side) and the website of our fourth division, SearchResult(xssssllllltééé the world, Max ;)). The last one will also become the base for all of our (LECTRIC) corporate websites. Would be nice to review the installation, but can’t do that before the launch. So far it looks nice, that’s all I can say. It’s good that our full team was able to deliver this amount of solutions so fast based on the new release Sitecore. I have to say that although some of my colleagues were a bit curious, they nowadays have seen the 5.3 product is indeed an improvement. They’ve used this positive amount of energy to provide the best feedback possible to the support team. Hopefully,  Ole and Jakob are finding the feedback usefull so they are able improve the product again and again. But as several Sitecore employees are already talking about 5.3.1, won’t that be a problem ;-). Later on 5.3.1 later today.

But Alex, tell us. what are you doing these days? Well actually, I’ve got several project, but mostly, I’m working on 2 intranets. Both of them are released this year and both of them are also the product of my hands(and some others). The first one is kind of the difference between version 1.1 and 1.1.1. Lots of small changes and no really conceptual onces. Oh well at least one… Meanwhile writing the 1.1, one of my colleagues did also integrate the LDAP module. Nowadays we’ve found out this gives some problems as we aren’t able to deploy it as the AD isn’t ready. Strategies on howto manage LDAP integration will be posted later this week. As I’ve seen this is quite hard. Thinking about it: supplying a checklist would be better, but guess this should be delivert at the same time Sitecore the product delivers. So don’t know if I’m going to send that one to Sitecore or post it over here… Anyway, it will contain questions like: What’s the structure of your AD, does we have to import fields, etc.

The other intranet I’m working is really a main revision. They want to change their navigation, the functionality on the portal-like homepage, news functionality from scratch, Word-module integration, changing FAQ-pages and Forum-module customisation. It’s quite a bunch and I’m the lucky guy that they’ve asked me to also change the interaction design. These wireframes(when they are finished, I’ll publish one), are describing functionality on a page, but not design at all. This is a good addition to design documents.

Last but not least, my head is full of ideas. I’m working on a revolutional custom field, one of the default XAML-apps but then the ++ of # variant 😉 and at a revolutional concept which can change the way .NET based Sitecore solutions at all. The nice thing is that Peter Johansson is working with me together on these projects! So we’re able to review each others work.

That’s it for this post. I could make it way longer, but I should remain interesting to read. And I want to write another entry about 5.3.1 and won’t loose my inspiration :). Have a nice day and try to work… it is not yet 31 december… you party animals ;-).