Sitecore 5.3.1 – What do I expect?

Several of the Sitecore employees who participate in the community are talking about 5.3.1. As for all the major product updates, a revisions comes up quickly as somehow the product is never 100% tested and concept introduced in the new versions can’t have that much feedback before the final release. This doesn’t mean that 5.3(.0.0) is a bad version, it’s just a compliment to Sitecore that they do listen so carefully to their partners and customers.

Well what do I expect to be in 5.3.1 as notthing is really published so far, I’ll speculate a bit and ofcourse give my opion on what should be fixed :P:

  • First(Verified): Security Model enhanches, as Lars Fløe Nielsen explained in this topic.
  • Second(Verified): Puggable DataEngine as described on Ole’s blog
  • Third(MoSCoW: Must): The annoying language problems when renaming the default language and home nodes…? Although work around are available, this has high priority in my opinion.
  • Fourth(Should): Problems with indexes, link databases and internal links when renaming essential items like home nodes(fixable by rebuilding and reconfiguring, but still a workaround)
  • Fifth(Should): Incompabatility problems with the packager like not saving __Shared Values
  • Sixth(Must): Renaming languages makes it impossible to see button texts, etc.

Guess those are the most important ones. I’m quite sure Sitecore does work on 3-6, but as always a fix can not make it to the final version because of it’s untested or not stable enough. Do you guys have any idea what the new release will include? When I receive more info on 5.3.1 it will be posted here ofcourse…

By the way, for those smart guys who look at SPM: the roadmap isn’t with a new timetable… 🙁