After installing 5.3 not allowed to access the DBBrowser?

After installing 5.3′, the install script has set some rights so you aren’t able to go to the DBBrowser for example. Ofcourse I do know that the tool isn’t supported by Sitecore, but as I’ve seen that it is enhanced in 5.3, I know it’s at least usefull… :).

But anyway,the message that appaeared wasn’t that friendly and usefull:

The only usefull information was ‘401.2’. So after some Googling(sorry guys, but Sitecoring is also a verb for me :P). I found this link:

Microsoft Support helped me out, I just had to turn on Anonymous Access for the specific folder(webstie/sitecore/admin):

Funny behaviour: my app-pool got a reset. I guess that’s explainable, but I noticed it…

For those who don’t know about which folder I’m talking and what the DBBrowser is, take a look at the following pages:

Note: I highly recommend to disallow the anonymous users when you migrate to a production environment!

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  1. Isn’t it nice to know your blog from 2 years ago is still helping people. Thanks!!

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