Installing VS2005 SP1: A bloody hell

Today my feedreader pointed me on the release of SP1 for Visual Studio 2005. Luckily, I wasn’t programming this morning, so had the change to update Visual studio. But, I have to say, the SP1 is a bloody hell. I’m not talking about the functionality, I’m talking about the installation!

Some facts:

  • Required: 2,5 Gb(!!!!!!) free space on your Windows Disk(proparly C)
  • An install file of 430 Mb…
  • You have to uninstall the Web Application Projects
  • Installation time on my machine: approx half an hour(Centrino 1,7 Ghz, 1 Gb RAM)

It has been crashing over 6 times because of diskspace, one time because it couldn’t find a file, one time ebcause of SQL Server 2005 was running(error message occurt until SQL Server was stopped).

Guess the best way to install:

  1. Buy a Rubic Cube
  2. Disable all services
  3. Close all your applications
  4. Remove all your mp3’s/webcasts/podcasts from your desktop 😉
  5. Clean your MSN history(90Mb for me :P)
  6. Start the installation
  7. Drink as much coffee as possible
  8. Have lunch!
  9. Look if it isn’t crashed anyway 😉

Friday… bloody service pack day 😛

By the way.. you can fidn your download-links to the ‘service’ pack here!


For the AJAX dudes: ScottGu anounces the RC1 for ASP.NET AJAX 1.0.

4 thoughts on “Installing VS2005 SP1: A bloody hell”

  1. You are overreacting!

    It took about 45 minutes here, but apart from deinstalling the webprojects from visual studio, it worked quite well. I have SQL Server running here, did not disable any services, had free disk space (you user!) didn’t get another cup of coffee until after the installation and just read a few blogposts here and there.

    To be honest, it works quite well…

    See ya,

    Your favorite collegue,

  2. Hi Sjoerd,

    What’s your config? You had 2,5 Gb diskspace available?
    And I’m sorry, a clean VS2005 install on my machine takes approx 20 minutes, a upgrade takes 45 minutes!!!


  3. secret step #10: get someone else to install it for you while you’re off having a beer 🙂

    (i think i’ll leave this for when i log on from at home instead, that way i can start the installation and then have valid reason as to why i have to sit infront of the tv playing gears of war while it installs)


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