Notation of templates based on multiple inheritance

So far I’ve seen several people do have a hard time to design their new Sitecore solutions with support for multiple inheritance in templates. Actually, I haven’t got the time to find out some best practices. But so far I’ve found out a way to document Templates and Master  in an easy way. __Standard Values and predefined values in masters aren’t include yet.
Click on the image below and find out how you are able to easily document your solutions. Ideas and suggestions are welcome :)!

You might be wondering if there is a possibility to do this in a structured way with something like Visio? So far? No! Near feature? Possibily. Take a look at this topic, on the brand new SDN5 Forum, and please provide me feedback on building a Sitecore Template and Sitecore Shapes for Visio 2007. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Notation of templates based on multiple inheritance”

  1. i’d say i’m quite familiar with the system, yeah 😉

    But even if i’d built sitecore myself i reckon i still would’ve appreciated the certification material and the way it was held by Kim, he did great.

    I got some stuff for you to check out later, been working on some new modules and functions, but there’s soooo many things i have to write posts about now so i’ll let you know when these come along.

    I like how you write your posts to ‘the masses’, they’re instructive and interesting, and i’ll provide more feedback later on ’em.

    Take care dude!


  2. Actually the same over here. Still big mistakes are made while creating Sitecore structures. Too bad at all.

    The level 1 course was given to me by Kerry Bellerose. I met Kim a while back when he gave the Admin training to one of our customers here in Zaltbommel, The Netherland. Can imagine he’s a good trainer. Kerry also was. We were lucky that our team was one of the first teams participating the 5.3 training, so we were able to finetune the materials a bit :).

    Well actually can’t wait to see the stuff you’ve made. At the moments, to many projects are waiting. Planning to show the inetration with MondoSoft later this week, next week Windows Workflow Foundation and between hope I’m able to write the Visio Shapes… 😉

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