5.3 Experiences – Day 2

11:00: Finally got to the work I’ve to do today. Insert templates in our solution. Direct found out that we’ve to document our templates and masters in a different way. Will come back on that topic in a post later today.

11:30: Strange, but it’s definitelly hard to change the base template of a template. You can do it by selecting the template, switch to the ‘View’-tab and unselect ‘Editor’. For those folks who have the same problem. Going to submit it to the support desk. This should be easier.

11:40: Building the template can also be done using CTRL+S.

11:50: Standard Values are applying the same rules as Items created from the Template. This means that validation if a field is filled will also apply to standard values. Grrrr…. Quite annoying!

11:55: Standard Values count as 1 usage of the template. Interesting… 😉

12:10: There are some problems with our design. We are used to the multilink-control which is a control similar to internal-link control, but allows you to select more then 1 link. All of them in a popup. The main advantage against multilink was that it looked visually 10 times better. The treelist is a good replacement, but there are some wishes left:

  1. Source: Possibility to define an XPath query
  2. Bool: show full tree but only allow selected items using the source selected
  3. Startposition of the tree mentioned above

Hope I’ll be able to inherit from the TreeList.


This afternoon I’ve been busy implementing the template and master design in Sitecore. This took some time as the template manager worked sometime a bit unexpected. A later post , tomorrow, will show how you are able to create a clear notation for templates which take advantage of multiple inheritance.