Getting my 5.3 Playground ready

This article might be only interesting for folks who work with XP…

  1. Create a website called ‘Sitecore 5.3 Playground’
  2. Start installing the latest version of 5.3 on your machine, in for me:
    D:\NET Development\Sitecore project\Sitecore 5.3 Playground\
  3. Point the webroot of the site, created by 1 to your %installdir%/Website/
  4. Launch the site, do some trouble shooting depending on which database should do the tric.
  5. As a best practise, create a new account for yourself and set the admin password to some othervalue then string.Empty :).
  6. Create an Web Application project in your default VS2005 folder(for me: C:\Documents and Settings\agr\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects) with the name: SitecorePlayground.
  7. Exclude the Default.aspx and Web.config from the project.
  8. Now create a Windows Class Library ‘SitecoreXamlPlayground’.
  9. Exclude Class1.cs from your project.
  10. Just shutdown VS2005 or close the current solution.
  11. Open the VS 2005 standard folder
  12. Find the folder ‘SitecorePlayGround’ with Subfolder ‘SitecorePlayground’. Open it.
  13. Copy the Properties-folder, SitecorePlayground.csproj and SitecorePlayground.csproj.user naar %installdir%/Website/
  14. Do nearly the same for just the SitecoreXamlPlayground.csproj.
  15. Now doubleclick SitecorePlayground.csproj to start Visual Studio. A new solution ‘SitecorePlayground’ is created by VS2005.
  16. Right-click on the solution > Add > Exsisting Project > SitecoreXamlPlayground
  17. Now close the solution in Visual Studio, the IDE will ask you where to place the .sln-file. I recommend %installdir% over %installdir%/Website.
  18. Ready!

Now it’s time to have a cup of coffee and start playing!