5.3 Experience – Day 1

10:10: Quite annoying behaviour of the installer, it keeps boosting my CPU usage to some figure around the 100 percent. This is killing my Outlook experience ;).

10:15: When creating different websites on your XP machine, I noticed you’ve to create the site before going to the site selection screen in the installer. This screen will be fetched only once. Have to notice Sitecore about this.

10:30: Got some arguments with databases in the installer. Easy way tyo fix this: setup your local machine to host the database so you can pass the database step. After that, reconfigure your files. Writing feedback on this now…

10:40: Installer… grrr, it places the stuff everywhere on my machine, but not on the recommed place. Gues sit has something todo with my default settings in my IIS. Investigation right now…

10:45: Seems that the installer only allows you to quit after clicking 4 times on finish when the checkbox ‘Start Sitecore’ in unchecked.

11:00: Starting IE7, initializing the site….

11:10: Welcome to Sitecore…. After some small replacements in the web.config is it working. Having some coffee now.. Support are you guys ready for a bunch of tickets :P?


12:20: As we are working on 3 projects which are all based on 5.3 at the moment, lots of bugs appear on 1 day. So guess the Sitecore Ukraine office has some problems with capacity for reproducing these bugs ;-). Now it’s time to start working with 5.3. My first task will be finding out how we can easily configure some stuff using the new config-options so we don’t have to change the web.config. As a web.config change results in a Application Pool recycle, we’re looking for better ways.

12:40: Visual Studio Solutions for Sitecore 5.3 are really a new type of sport. Interesting point for investigation as this directly affects our procedures(project startup).

14:30: Just an hour looking at the best way to configure the data folder in the right way so everybody is happy. The problem is that I’m using d:\net development\sitecore project\[customer name] as project root, someone else in our team uses d:\inetpub\[customer name], someone else… etc etc. Two possible solutions:

  1. Create a virtual directory to ../data, refer everything in web.config to /data/* (won’t work with Cassini / Builtin Webserver VS2005)
  2. Define together with your colleagues that the datafolder becomes: D:\data\[customer name]\

Both aren’t ideal. The hardest part is that you’ve to define it over and over. So far option 1 is the best as it seem to be less time expensive. Another support-ticket upcoming…

16:15: It’s time to stop working on 5.3 today. Have to do some licensing stuff and have a beer. The results from the configReader can be found here. Monday I’ll be back! Have a nice weekend and a beer :).

2 thoughts on “5.3 Experience – Day 1”

  1. Hi Alex,

    Mijn cpu zit altijd op een procent of 60 door IE 7 als ik aan het editen ben. Bijna niet te doen om de site nu te vullen. Heb je een id hoe dit kan?

  2. Hallo, ik wil alleen even laten weten dat ik het bericht erg interessant vind met interessante informatie. Ik zal deze website dan ook in de gaten houden.

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