Yeah, we got certified. I say we, as it wasn’t just me. Ben, Martijn and Max, my direct colleagues, also became Sitecore Level 1 Developers! So that means: mission accomplished.

And no, the last test wasn’t so easy as expected. From the 40 question, I definitelly doubt about 10 of them. I guess level 2 will be a little easier as the Sitecore API is actually more my specialisation… But so far I’ve seen there was a lot to learn. Altough I already knew how the new Media Lib fro example worked, I didn’t work with it the way the course wanted. Or stuff like templates, initial values, default values, etc, etc. All of those aren’t really used by me, most of the time a colleague configured those stuff. A new world opened :). Lots of inspiration to finish my 5.3 blog series. Starting from tomorrow.

Thank you Kerry for giving this exciting course. And for all of those who still thin king about participating, here’s the word from the ‘master’ you can definitelly learn something from it! It’s worth it!

The total new thing totally cleared up by me today was the Security modal on individual rights. Also some on how to implement some default workflows definitelly cleart up my brain. More on those topics in later posts!

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