Road to become certified

Today I’ve started participating the Sitecore Developer Level 1 Course. Aren’t you certified, Alex? No I’m not! Too bad didn’t had the opportunity before. Like most of my colleagues. But our managing director has decided that it’s time to become certified. Together with Martijn, my technical teamlead, we’ve pushed him a little and show the result: training.

Kerry Bellerose from Sitecore traveled all the way to Zaltbommel and this morning we’ve started. As only techies from LECTRIC are participating, the quality of questions, discussions, etc is quite high. The course itself is a tough one. So much stuff has to be discussed, done and recognized. We started at around 45 minutes to late and finished at around a quarter to five, with only the XSLT-lab ahead. I’ve created 50% of it, in at around 10 minutes. So we’re on schedule :).

Also happy with Kerry as an instructor. He discussed our goals for the course with us and told us that it IS an advantage that we are all experienced :). Sometimes it becomes a bit boring, but as the course is based on 5.3, most of the time it stays interesting. Kerry’s diary it is full of questions, remarks and bugs in and about 5.3, which should be good feedback for the guys up in Denmark.

After this, I hope I’ll be able to become level 2 certified soon. I guess it won’t be possible before the end of 2006, but hopefully Q1…
Together with this course, we’re looking for a XSLT-course. We’re using more and more XSLT, which makes it able to spend more time on advanced functionality instead of simple content renderings. But, we’ve seen that our knowledge level is way to low to have real advantages of it. So we’re looking for the best course ‘Developing in XPath and XSLT’. It’s quite hard to find, so it might be interesting to invite a trainer with a specific program for us.

If that isn’t enough I’m currently at the start of a MS certificating path. My goals is to do the full MSCP certification for all 3 competencies in 15 months… It seems to be quite long for 7 exams, but with the average of 1 book per exam and the fact that I’ll try to do it with just self-study, I guess it will be still a tough job.

So far the set of certifications, exams and study-paths :). Maybe a little more tomorrow about day 2 of the course! 🙂