Good news: RC3 and RC4 upcoming…, Atlas 1.0 Beta and Vacation

Good news! The RC3 of Sitecore 5.3 is published and RC4 is upcoming RC4 story is a fable caused by wrong communication… Altough that’s what I’ve heard so far… Maybe it’s time to talk with Google about Releases, Beta’s and Release Candidates ;)? Well so faar, the product becomes more stable then it already was, so that’s good news. For those who’ve already started developing with 5.3, I can imagine new RC’s are a hell. I’m sorry, Ben en Sjoerd. As those 2 are prototyping with 5.3 since the first beta release… 😛

Some other good news came from the otherside of the big ocean: ASP.NET AJAX Beta 1-formerly-known-as-Atlas is released today! Scott Guthrie wrote a full entry about it. Before downloading, make sure you’ll read this post as Beta 1 have had incredible changed comparing to the last CTP’s. Guess Ole and Jakob are happy with this release. I suppose that 5.3 is about to be released and the plans for 5.4 are already there(that’s what I’ve heard), one of their wishes was a native ASP.NET AJAX client. It definitelly can improve preformence!

Last one: It’s time to take a beer! A full week of relaxation. I’ll stay in Holland, even in my home town. But finally have time to work out all of those plans posted last weeks. So stay tuned! For those who are interested in photos of our beautiful country, maybe you can give me a task and if it is original, I’ll take some photos for you. But it should be original :P… There are plenty of pictures of mills, the red light district in Amsterdam and cheese around on the internet! 🙂

I’ll end this post with the plach which won’t be used the next week. Every has changed a bit here at the office. I present you guys: my clean desk!

Alex' desk just before vacation!