Sitecore on Google

Once per week I query Sitecore on Google. I use diffrent entrypoints as Google has the strange behaviour it filters and manipulates search results based on region:

  1. The Netherlands
  2. International/American Search
  3. Denmark

Funny stuff: my blog is ranked on different positions and with different URLs. For example, in the Dutch version of Google, my atom-feed is ranked instead of my Homepage… Ulco suggested it could have something to do with a strange bug in WordPress or the Google Indexer. Altough I can’t find any related links :(.

Talking about search-engines: Scoble pointed on the new Microsoft Live Search, which is amazing :). Look at the results for Holland…(Yes!! Ranked Second!) But again different behaviour for the USA and Denmark.

IT was good to see that Google didn’t suggest any other searchphrases anymore when searching for ‘sitecore’, Live Search just started…

The reason I’ve started blogging was actually because I found this url… Sitecore Bootcamp! 🙂 Some of you guys would scratch on a once-hary-place on their hat now: Isn’t that Alex, the Sitecore addict? He’s interested in a Bootcamp? Yes, actually I’m. I’m interested in the way its given, what it contains and how to participate. In my opinion, the Developer courses are definitelly good  enough for the simple to advanced Sitecore engineering, but when continueing on advanced topics, such as Security and Custom Workflows, your knowledge is based on what you can find on SDN or it depends on your API-read skills. I’m definitelly interested what P5 / Pentia offers! Even more important: does Sitecore recognise this course? Well going to contact P5 / Pentia and will keep you guys informed!