Design Documents – 0 of 7 – The introduction

As you might have noticed, I’m working on improving my personal vision on (Sitecore) development. LECTRIC gives me, most of the time, the space to integrate these experiences into the projects. One of the main topics is the full development process. And this post, and the following, are part of this long-term project. This project should never end, only new milestones have to be defined. As we’ve recently got some stuff on rails, it’s time to define my next personal goal, and new LECTRIC-goals. So far I’ve been busy with:

  • Bring structure on our development server (Work in process)
  • Structured Sitecore Project Start-Up (Finished)
  • LECTRIC – Library (Colleague is taking over, and defining quality rules)
  • .NET <-> XHTML (Colleague is investigating topic with some major goals)
  • Facilities for Sitecore Training (Images are made, Training’s went well so far)
  • Internal Sitecore Support workflow (Finished)
  • Versioning of Sitecore Distributions and Modules (Running, continue process)
  • Internal Sitecore Newsletter (Issue 2 about to release tomorrow)

New goals shouldn’t be defined by me, but by the Lead Engineer of our Sitecore-team together with the team. Personally, I’m interested in the way how we can write quite good design documents. I’ve got a theory, and going to explain it based on the case ‘5.3 Testsuit’. This serie will not only be Sitecore specific. I guess it can be used for more then just Sitecore. But at least it is a good start upgrading your technical design documents to a higher level. The subject of the first  2 entries will be: Requirement and Analysis. Combining this in a document: Requirements and Analysis Document(RAD). I can’t make it easier ;). The first post will define a framework how to set-up this document, in the second one, I’ll discuss it, based on the first case. Naturally, I’ll publish the document here.

Now it’s time to sleep. Tomorrow more about my MondoSearch – dtSearch duel… 🙂

Update: I’ve been thinking about this post and I want you to know that this isn’t a way of designing which is found by me, but it will be optimised by me for (W)CMS-projects.

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