It’s review time again!

Yes it is time… again. After lots of changes it’s time to re-review 5.3. I did actually start reviewing but had to decide to stop. Too much stuff stopped working, show stoppers ocurred, etc. But… Sitecore shouldn’t be Sitecore as they did listen to the customer, reviewed their architecture, installer and major changes in the client and see the result: Release Candidate 2. I know it arrived later as planned, but in my opinion 5.3 is a more quality release then before. The time Sitecore took and the fact they reviewed and revisioned the new Media Library, says me that this release is one of the best of the last 2 years.

I’ve just installed the version on my notebook and removed the old RC. Results so far are surprising: the installer is 3/4 times faster(there is also a second installer for Databases), finally scripts are filled in the way they should and the installer does indeed ignore files which aren’t selected ;). Then, the site runs without any other actions taken by me, initialisation took just 45 seconds(incl. attaching databases to a clean installed SQL Express 2005), etc, etc.

But that’s just my first (visual) impression. But from tomorrow it’s time to preform some real tests!
Comparing is just a simple but efficient way of rating products and the best way to change the view of salesmen. So, I’ve just decided to create a test-suit. This test-suit will include:

  • Database comparison: As I  haven’t seen any comparisons between the data-layers, I have to create them by myself. Testing will be done on SQLite, SQLServer 2000, SQL Express 2005 and MySQL(do you guys know I was a MySQL certfied DBA?). Tests will include reading, writing, publishing and deleting.
  • Sitecore XPath comparison: Usage of functionality within your client, compared to ‘real’ XPath.
  • Load tests: To which level is Sitecore able to preform liniar?

Suggestions are welcome. All these tests will be published on my blog so you guys can review them before I’ll actually preform the test. Results will be published here again.

The only thing, next to creating the tests, is finding the best test set-up. As we’ve got a quite impressive Server farm at LECTRIC, it shouldn’t be a problem…? Albert, my dear BOFH? 😉

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