MondoSearch vs. dtSearch

Today it was Sitecore day in Zaltbommel. An Admin-training was delivert by Kim, one of the teachers of Sitecore. And Mr Vice-President, Torben Brams, was kicking asses @ our Salesteam: showing the (new) world of Sitecore. And ofcourse had a little tiny chat with him. The chat with Kim was more a long conversation during the day, as I helped him a bit out with the training-pc’s. Hope to do it over again with both with a little more time,

One thing Torben pointed on was the new MondoSearch integration. For more details, compared to Lucene, take a look at this matrix. But I’m not interested in Lucene. I’m not saying it’s bad, I’m just saying that I’m not interested. Lucene does its works for the core and master database, but it isn’t an engine for a website. Therefor, both MondoSearch and dtSearch deliver terrific products. Well, I suppose when Torben is that enthousiastic, it should be damn good.

Actually, I’m a dtSearch fanatic. Both Hans and I got excited on this product after a quite succesfull custom implementation at one of our customers. We’ve written a highly advanced custom Indexer and Querier(isn’t a word, is it ;)?). dtSearch has a Sitecore-like API. You can talk to dtSearch from Com(+), Java, .NET. Documentation is available at several resources, it does include usefull developer tools, etc. Lots of reasons to stay enthousiastic… But now Torben came up with the new product and I’ve to review it ofcourse :P. So I’ve decided to create a test. Testing will be done on the following criteria:

  • Implementation time: Installing and time to have the first results on my screen.
  • Preformence: Both querying, advanced querying(incl fuzzy search) and usage of impossible search criteria(try to create endless parsetrees)
  • Indexing: I’m quite interested in the possibilities and time of indexing on larger sites. I’ve decide to index my blog, and with the maximum of 4 levels.
  • Extra features: Stuff like cool admin panels.
  • Extensibility: How does the API work? Do a get a clue how to integrate other datasources? I’ve got 9 sites in my installation, you’ve got a solution? Etc.

First step tomorrow is to get a MondoSearch module. Hope to do the testing the upcoming weekend. Suggestions are welcome. Till that time, I do not support MundoSearch(yes this one is for you, Bart, Anton, Robin, Frank & Sjoerd).