Interesting stuff on .NET 3.0

Is isn’t dirrectly influenzing Sitecore and in someway it is. Altough it isn’t on their MSDN-subsite, Microsoft has just release .NET 3.0 RC1 (Runtime, SDK, Go Live!). Which brings more questions then answers. For this reason, CLR-manager and feature approver (the Ole @ Microsoft), Jason Zander, has cleart lot of stuff up with this podcast @ Channel 9. When you actually aren’t in the position to view the video or just want to read it,this post of Jason is a nice summary.

Enjoy this nice and rainy sunday…

XML Notepad 2.0

I read in my SharpReader(which will be replaced with RssBandit, by Carnage4Life) that Microsoft did release XML Notepad 2.0. Which is a quite nice tool! It makes Sheer UI development and debugging Sitecore Items much easier. Take a look at the screenshot below:

/sitecore/home/content incl. children


List of the features in XML Notepad 2.0(list by Can Erten):

  • Open source
  • Comes with source code, samples (look at the directory you’ve installed)
  • Very simple user interface
  • Intellisense support based on XSD.
  • Great navigation and adding of XML objects (like element, attribute, comment) simply by providing before and after points.
  • Copy cut paste XML objects
  • Find feature is also nice, it is possible to use regular expressions or Xpath language.
  • XSL Output after the XSLT transformation.
  • Error list similar façon of Visual Studio

Thanks to the ADO.NET Team Blog and Can Erten for noticing me. You can download XML Notepad 2.0 here… 🙂