Be friendly to the Sitecore editors

Yes, you have to be friendly! The message of today ;).
Well it’s not that simple. I want to point you guys on how you easily can improve the Sitecore experience. But first you have to know what the Sitecore experience should be! Well, the Sitecore exprience is a combination of:

  1. A quick client
  2. A nice website
  3. A clear content tree
  4. Good described items

As developer, you only have influence on point 3 and 4. For 3 there are several ways. I’ve discussed some of them before in combination with Search Optimalisation.
Something all the users are aware of are the inside items. This means the Fieldnames, Icons, Help, etc. I know filling them isn’t the most exciting work, rather you play with ‘*
Foundation’, but it is an essential part of the project. To many times users are confused by the way Sitecore works. They don’t undersdtand what the field ‘Abstract’ means and directly the discussion start how it should work…
What to do?

  • Rename predifined Item names like ‘Home’, ‘Internet’, ‘Meta’ or at least change their Displayname! Suggestions: ‘Startitem’, ‘LECTRIC Website’, ‘Settings’.
  • Change the friendly field names from ‘Title’ to ‘Standaard Title – Visible on all pages which refer to this page’, ‘Introtext’ becomes ‘Intro Text – Visible on all overview pages to let someone read the full page’.
  • Select a nice icon for an item on the template. There are so many nice icons in /sitecore/shell/Themes/Standard/. Browse them using your Windows Explorer, not the Fiel browser in Sitecore, as it takes to long.
  • Discuss with you project manager who’s responsible for this. I guess I’m when I create the structure in my Technical Design Document, but a later moment in the project is also good. Make sure it’s done before the customer touches it’s own Sitecore installation.

In large projects(20-50 templates, 50-100 masters) this can take up to 1 day when you have to do it afterwards, at the start of the project it takes half the time. Small projects(4-5 templates, 10 masters) can be finished this way afterwards in 2/3 hours, 1 hour at the start of the project… 🙂

3 thoughts on “Be friendly to the Sitecore editors”

  1. Sitecore backend is incredible slow. Sitecore developement is really pain, it takes from 2 minutes to start sitecore and many many seconds to do small backend operations. They claim to have a quick client, but that is a BIG LIE. All developers in my company really hate sitecore for being so slow.

  2. Sitecore performance has failed to impress me for the past 2 years.

    We have developers contantly tinkering it and page load sometimes is arround 2 min. Back end can easily die when any publishing in progress.

    No one here likes Sitecore really.

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