Sitecore & XSLT, When, Where and Why using it?

This diagram is for all those guys out there who think I dislike XSLT or who think I can’t write XSLT at all. You guys are right. I dislike the XSLT syntax, I dislike the complex functionality of XSLT but also dislike putting simple straight-forward presentation-code in a DLL. So here is my vision on selecting the right way to present something to the world:

Alex' view when you should use XSLT and when transform to code.

Again, no copyrights, no restrictions, this is MY view! You think that you can do this better? Impress me! 😛 

2 thoughts on “Sitecore & XSLT, When, Where and Why using it?”

  1. This is a useful diagram. One thing you might add on the right is that through 070118, caching output of sublayouts is not really supported (though it is actually possible), so for caching web control may be preferable.

    This resource is intended to list considerations in when to use different rendering technologies; I am not sure if you might apply some of the thoughts to the diagram or provide sitecore with feedback based on your experiences:

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