Yes, today I became 20 years old. A fifth of a century… It’s quite hard to imagine! 🙂

For me this is going to be a big year. As I graduate within one and a half year at school and lots of stuff is changing in personal life it’s definitely time to make huge decisions. For example, what about software development? Is it actually my goal to stay engineer till my old days, if so what way? Specialization in CMS’s? Grow further to become an architect? What about testing? Test engineer could sound cool. Business processes are also interesting topics. What about project and product engineering? Working on releases or with marketing deadlines? One thing I do know for sure, the next 12 months I’ll be writing about Sitecore and continue working on Sitecore projects. Then it’s time to spend time on graduating which means I’m going to search for a nice subject. As a part of my study has something to do with embedded software, it would be cool to port Sitecore to a mobile device ;). But so far, I don’t know where and how to graduate, nothing is for sure, but maybe it would be interested to do it outside of LECTRIC, outside of Web development and/or outside of Holland. Ideas can be posted as a comment :)…

It will also become a big year for LECTRIC. We’ve just opened an office in Beijing. Hi to Bert, Hardy, Wu and all the others who are definitely going to make Yourzine a success in the Big Apple in the East (Big Easter Apple) ;).
Then, for LECTRIC as system integrator, it will become the year of adult software engineering. So far we haven’t worked so structured, we haven’t written such good code and haven’t had so much expertise with 2 different CMS’s(Smartsite and Sitecore). Procedures like project startups, deployment, development, module integration, nightly builds, code guidelines, best practices, etc are mostly available. It’s now time for the big solutions and huge enhancements on the existing projects :).
I’ve forgotten to talk here before about our HTML Development. Together with one (X)HTML-guru (Sander) and a direct colleague(Sjoerd), we are investigating the best way to transfer XHTML to the world of .NET. The first results are available and further steps are upcoming! Personal I’m going to look at the best way to provide CMS-users full experience in the HTML-editor, but limit the possibility to screw the layout at the front. Our webdesigners are definitely against the usage of the HTML-field, I’ve promised them that I can provide the best functionality to both worlds…
Lots of exciting stuff!

Well that’s it for now! I’m always looking for new opportunities, looking forward to your ideas about HTML development (As it is a kind of science! Thank you for showing me, Sander!) and definitely interested in subjects for graduating… 🙂

4 thoughts on “Anniversary”

  1. Hi Alex, congratulations. And thanks for making me feel double as old (hmmm, – today I’m being 37…).

    Well, this makes me around 45% older than you. But you are gaining (in percent). In mere 120 years, it’ll be no more than 10%. DOUGH!

    Congratulations with the new office, especially to Bert who was a driving force in Nederlands in Sitecore. I’m positve this business will prosper.


  2. Hi Alex,

    Wowww…, you’re only 20 yrs old but already have excellent technical skills (esp on Sitecore CMS). I’ve been regularly reading your blog and really love your insight abt Sitecore CMS.
    Happy b’day and keep up your great work!


  3. Congratulations!

    Dude, i so didn’t think you’re just 20, that’s impressive i have to say.

    Hope you had a nice birthday – with a lot of beer 🙂


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