Demo Remoting Project

My serie of post on 5.3 is a bit delayed because a lack of inspiration this weekend. It’s coming… Maybe later tonight else tomorrow… 
But what I wanted to show to you guys is a project I’ve created last week. It’s a small Demo application which shows how easy it is to develop applications using v5.3 remoting… I’ve created a simple Windows Forms app which shows you the content tree. Children will be retrieved when you click on their parent.

Download the source(30Kb).
Note 1: You should refer the Beta2 dlls by yourself as Sitecore won’t appreciate it when I include them in the download.
Note 2: In the constructor of Form1, you can find stuff like ‘localhost’, ‘admin’ and ” ;).


One thought on “Demo Remoting Project”

  1. Hi Alex,

    The unfortunate thing is, the remoting will not make it to 5.3 release. It’s still there in b2/b3 I believe, but will be cut in the next version.

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