The story about V5…

Yesterday, my collegue Ben and I brainstormed about the way Sitecore has started developing V5. We actually think it went this way:

February 2002, Sitecore HQ, Denmark:
Lars: Hell yeah, guys, we have to do something new!
Runi: Well we’ve just rewritten a Javascript framework called AJAX.
Ole: Yeah, we are cool!
Jakob: Can’t we rewrite and design it again, Lars?
Lars: Hell no, we need something new!
Jakob: What about rewriting the AJAX Framework to .NET?
Runi & Ole: Hell, yeah!
Lars: My god, you guys are obsessed!
Runi, Ole & Jakob: Hell yeah!
Runi: We are definitelly able to rewrite Windows!
Lars: Hell no, this is useles guys…
Jakob: We do it in a browser.
Ole: What about implementing WinFX?
Runi: Hell yeah!
Lars: Guys, I’m the Microsoft Evangelist over here. That are supposed to be my ideas.
Ole: And that Windows version, webbased, should we XML-driven.
Runi: Yeah, why not?
Jakob Let’s call it SHEER UI. Yeah, I guess MS will create something like this. I suppose they’ll use a name like XAML…
Ole: What about Workflow? Can’t we implement Wokrflow in a way MS is going to copy?
Lars: We are actually using MS technology, don’t change the roles!
Runi: Hell yeah! We use a structure which will be similar to the product Windows Workflow Foundation for our state-design. This product is about to be released late 2006…
Jakob: We forget Sharepoint…
Runi & Ole: Hell no!
Lars: Hell yeah, that’s what I call evangelism!
Ole: Allright, we just create a portal engine, that’s it f00ks!
Lars: Guys, what about the Content Management part?
Jakob: Do we actually have to discuss this?
Runi: No, we just create an item-structure based on inheriting template
Ole: Hell yeah! And for rendering pages just create a dynamic masterpagesystem.
Jakob: Wooohoooooo! Allright, we just have to recreate the mscorlib in our own API.
Runi: Hell yeah! Why shouldn’t we rewrite it?
Ole: Yeah and provide extended libraries like Sitecore.Text.
Lars: Hell maybe… Need to see more details. Starting with a name.
Ole & Jakob: Money
Runi: Cool
Lars: Can’t we figure out something else?
Runi: Well if money doesn’t fit… Can’t we use a coin?
Jakob: That should be ‘Ducat’!
Ole: Time’s over, have to call Bill.
Lars: Bill? You mean Bill G.? Hell yeah!
Ole: Last week’s project, called Blackcomb, is a total disaster, we have to rewrite it again.

And that’s actually the way the Sitecore V5 is designed… We are planning to also do the cartoon… 😛