LDAP: My mistake… Don’t shoot!

My mistake.. a famous song by Marvin Gaye. He’s talking about loving a girl, I was talking about the LDAP module. Two the issues I was talking about in previous post, where my mistake…

First one, the problem with the dash. In the changelog stood, it was solved. The thing missing there was that you actually should enable it. There’s a config key which contains a regexp where the items should match to. Default this key is set to: ^\w[\w\s\.]*$. Changing this key to ^\w[\w\s\.-]*$, items with dashes are supported. Another possibility is to create a specialized handler for item-adding in the web.config. Thank you support for explaining me :).

The other thing, the nullpointer, was also my mistake. I forgot to add the 2 fields to the the Role-item in ‘Security Template.xml’ located in the shell-folder. After changing it, it didn’t work… So I supposed it wouldn’t be necessary to add the keys.. Then I found out that reloading the application pool, the issue solved… sometimes… As my security database was corrupted with useless data and I knew the XML-files in /data/modules/ were also changed, I restored an empty security database and let the script recreate the XML files by deleting them. And then it actually worked! Some little changes to the security and everybody is happy now.

Last but not least: I’ve to find out how to auto login on the forum. Tried a little today, but wasn’t successfully.

For CodeHouse I’ve the following suggestions:

  • Consider supporting user defined domains
  • Find a mode to make it possible to support user/role/group names with dashes, ampersands, etc. Now you have to support the creation of items with the same names without creating your own item-handlers.
  • Provide more and easier sample code.
  • Clear up the documentation about the updating the ‘Security Template.xml’
  • Make error messages in the importtool more readable.
  • Redesign the importtool to an Sheer UI-Wizard. Even better to handle and more like the other applications in the client.
  • Create a tool which checks the configuration.

Hope you guys work pick up the list above. 🙂
Last post on the subject will come later today: LDAP Deployment!