LDAP Module: Bloody Monday

The day wasn’t so bloody like the movie I just saw. I can definitelly advise ‘ Bloody Sunday‘ to everybody who likes historical movies. But I guess you guys aren’t interested in my opinion about Northern Ireland, British politics or even my taste of movies. You are interested in my experiences with the LDAP module today!

And they weren’t so good. Sorry CodeHouse, my total opinion about the module is still good, altough there are some ‘dirty points’ and they definitelly screwed my day! Let’s list them:

  • I configured a intranet domain, as the installation will be used for extranet development in the future, but the module does only support ‘extranet’ and ‘sitecore’.
  • Altough the Release Notes say that you can replicate Groups and Users with dashes (‘-‘), the version on SDN5 doesn’t support this.
  • For some strange reason the Extranet Login script gives a nullpointer while trying to update user<->group privileges. Which is done every logon, as I’m implementing Mixed  Mode.

So far definitelly bad. But the module has definitelly goods points:

  • Implementing the module is definitelly easy. When you know what you’re doing with Active Directory, you know how to implement the module.
  • The module is quite fast for such heavy imports he’s doing. I was definitelly surprised!
  • The information provided with the module is more then enough, but it’s not really structured. Would be nice to have a walktrough how to implement it for both the Sitecore as the Extranet domain.
  • Managing an configuring is done excellent using Sitecore Items and a simpel Sheer App. It’s simple enough for normal users.

The four point directly above are definitelly not bad altough till now, there were to many obstacles on my way. Hope to get everything to work before the end of the day tomorrow, else it would definitelly ruine the shedule.
Tomorrow, I’ll come back with a full guide how to implement it for the ‘Extranet’. It will be my Deploment plan, bit modified so customer specific configurations won’t unclear your view.