Start of a serie… Sitecore 5.3 Explored

From tomorrow on I’m going to try to post every 2 days a part of this serie about Sitecore 5.3. The serie will include both user-experience and technical articles. I’ve already finished the index with the postsubjects:

  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 1: The new installer, the brand new Sitecore installer discussed. Also looking at the possibilities for silent/automated deployment.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 2: Different client modes, as Sitecore agrees on the point that there’s a major difference between previewing and webediting, it’s changed now. Also, don’t forget the developer look mode.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 3: Updated Sheer UI, inside out CLR Sheer discussed with some interesting quotes from the HQ in Denmark.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 4: The Content Editor, everybody has seen it, heard the *wow*-word more then once, but what kind of inpact does the new design actually have?
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 5: Changed applications, next to the CE, there has been lots of changes, for example the packager.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 6: Developing using the Template Manager and Sitecore IDE, reviewing and rating the new developer options.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 7: API Changes discussed I, altough the changes aren’t that big, there are some significant changes. Discuss some of them here.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 8: API Changes discussed II, another one full about the remoting options.
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 9: Databases, final support for several databases. What about preformence, data adapters, etc?
  • Sitecore 5.3 Enchancements Part 10: Template changes reviewed, last topic, changes on the templates. As this topic is quite virtual for most developers, hope I can give you guys some good examples on how this stuff works.

Suggestions are welcome. And as not all articles above are already written, the list above may change a little.

Notice: all these posts will be based on the latest version available to for download on SDN. This can be a beta/release candidate. Posts might be updated after the final release.

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  1. The Sitecore 5.3 installer is not that great. I have had alot of problems with it – first of all – I only get the first “sceen dump up” and then I choose next – and then nothing happens.

    I got this problem on two different computers.

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