Yes… I’m back

At the office they already mentioned… I’m back from holiday. Had some nice days, altough it was definitelly to short.
The first week was quite stressfull. You have to turn the button back and because of the vactions of other collegues and some out-of-the-office-work of the projectmanagers, it was a quite strange week. You should never make appointments about releasing websites in the summer, but sometimes you just have to. Next wednesday we are going to release a new project which is, for our customer, a large step into the world. It’s a Sitecore production which is fully search optimised. Details off the project will be here on wednesday.

After it, I’ve to implement the LDAP module in mixed mode for one of our customers. Which can become a quite interesting job as we haven’t implemented the module before at the office. In the past 6 months we’ve made 2 or 3 big intranets, both with a LDAP-module by license, but the implementation will follow in release 2…
Futher details, tips and trics, will be here next week.

As promised, on wednesday I’ll start blogging about 5.3. I’ve got the first 3 posts ready, so I can give some lecture on daily base(guess it’s better to do an entry every 2 days to give me some air to breath). I’ve decided to start the project ‘CMSHUNK’ at the 1st of october.

That’s the personal update for now, fooks. Cheers :).