Sitecore evangelism! Where are the others?

I’m blogging for 8 months now about the product Sitecore and when I believe this blogpost, I can say I’m a Sitecore Evangelist. I can discuss features of Sitecore, look at the good and bad side of it, write this down and instead of ignoring me, the Sitecore HQ does take me serious. Ofcourse they have to take me serious as a partner, but they also take me seruious as just a techy.

Lars Fløe Nielsen
Lars is known as THE Sitecore Evangelist @ Sitecore.
Even Robert Scoble is afraid of his enthusiasm!

As you have seen in the past, there are sometimes huge gaps between entries on this blog. Mostly, those gaps are here because I’m not able to talk about product because of customer restrictions, or because we are just working without discovering a lot of new stuff. For this reason I’m looking for subjects to write about. So when you’ve just released a nice new Sitecore solution or when you’ve worked with nice technology in combination with Sitecore, please let me know.

When I look at the visitor count, you suppose, I’m just one of a big network, so please impress me! Say hi and you are wrong, Alex! I’m begging you guys :D!
Just contact me at LECTRIC using email or post a comment. Co-authors are also welcome!

One thought on “Sitecore evangelism! Where are the others?”

  1. Hi Alex,

    I would definitly call you an Evangelist.

    In regards to BLOG posting. I guess most of us are pretty busy right now, to be able to do too many posts. I guess it comes in chunks.

    I would love to be able to BLOG once or twice a day, or even more frequently, but alas, this is not always possible…

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