Sitecore Holiday

I’ve packed some clothes and I’m about to shutdown my notebook. It’s holiday time. It’s just a week but it feels like it’s a while ago. It has been at least 3 Sitecore productions ago. Actually, it was in may
It’s good to have some time for yourself some days and for me this means I actually can start working on some new stuff, personally. For example: Promised Lars to show what should be improved on the Sitecore sheduler. Going to figure out how to test and show this.

After my vacation I plan to do the following comunity-related actions:

  1. Write a serie about 5.3(started already but haven’t fully finished a single post
  2. Compare Sitecore to the world. Actually planning some objective reviews of MediaSurface, Tridion and SmartSite
  3. Merge my blogs to one blog, guess the name will become something like ‘CMSHunk’. Working on the design at the moment and even more on posibility for people to just watch the Sitecore part. Would be much easier when I was able to run Sitecore… 😛
  4. Become more active in the Yahoo community, which also means password recovery 😉
  5. Together with Ruben ‘Usability’ Timmerman I’m going to explain a lot about one of our newest production, which is Search and Usability optimised.

Well that’s it for now, fooks. Here’s my case, with both collector items on top:

At the office, we still are planning to visit Kopenahgen, hope I’m able to take a picture on the Sitecore bike! 😉

See you guys around.

2 thoughts on “Sitecore Holiday”

  1. My Sitecore bike has been stolen!

    Well, we may be able to find another one you could take a picture of.

    Looking forward to see your colletive BLOG. Also, everything else you are promising here 😉

  2. Go get your rightfully earned vacation beers in the sun man!

    for me it’s my first day back, and if i’ve ever been envyous of people i reckon it’s you right now.. i soooo could’ve used another couple of weeks.. (there’s still beer & sunshine left here in Stockholm)..

    Enjoy your vacation!


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