Sitecore @ MS Partner Conference

Hi all,

What most of you already knew is that Sitecore is Gold Sponsor at the Microsoft World Wide Partner Conference which is hold in Boston, starting tomorrow, fisnihing this
Sitecore has some big plans with their presentation on MSWWPC. That’s definitelly clear!
The problems: we don’t know what the plans are! Wil 5.3 be not-MS-like: Open Source? Ever heard of Microsoft Sitecore CMS? Sitecore takes over the Microsoft Developer Evangelist-department ;)?
Other, more likely options:
– Sitecore CRM? Altough Sitecore has implemented CRM 3.0 succesfully as user/customermanagementsystem for all their Internet aplications, it’s still that it would be a ncie add-on…
– Sitecore 6? Feature versions of Sitecore get a full restyle(more Vista-like) with a huge amoutn of framework changes(as planned for SC 5.4) It could become a minor release.
– Sitecore Portal Edition. Let’s say, Sharepoint 2007 Lite. Fully based on a XAML/Sheer way of developing and designing.
– A major investments combined with a takeover?

That are the most likely options I can imagine. We know Sitecore is already working on more developer tools, that isn’t the news. It could alse be possible that notthing of above is true. In anyway it’s good for Sitecore… Publicity from all over the world! 🙂

By the way, Lars has promised on his blogthat he will post images and updates.

Altough I’m not happy that I’ve to stay in Holland, I wish Lars and the others much fun in Boston. Have a nice chat with other MS Partners and show Sitecore 5.3 to the world!