Community updates…

For everyone who didn’t know about it: The guys who ‘rule’ the Sitecore Yahoo-group, have decided to make it public, so you can use functionality like RSS-feeds.

Next to it, I’ve found another Sitecore-blog. It’s from a guy Peter J and his blog is called Usoniamdream. His first post is all about Porlets, so it could become interesting! 🙂 Altough he hasn’t post anything recently, he might will do after my post! Good luck ‘on writing’, Peter.

Update: Peter is actually one of the readers of my blog. He replied on this post and he tells there, he has updated his blog to ‘Blahgger‘ :

One thought on “Community updates…”

  1. Well well well, seems you’re good at finding stuff regarding sitecore, i didn’t really think that anyone would pickup on that blog, but i guess i was wrong 🙂

    Anyways, i changed blog to blogger instead, that’s prob. why it’s not updated.

    New URL:

    Keep up the exellent work man, always interesting to read your posts.

    All my best,


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