More then just Sitecore…

Ofcourse Sitecore is at the moment my highly preferred CMS. It’s the only one I’ve worked with, with this kind of functionality and so much developer and user features. But Sitecore isn’t the end of the world. So for that reason I’ve decided to split my posts over 2 weblogs. First to have the possibility to blog about more then Sitecore, my passion programming. Second because I want to share the whole process of our new way of development to the world, but it doesn’t fully fit in this blog. Third, at the moment I’m definitelly exploring the world of programming, the widest way possible. This starts with exploring C# 3.0 and it’s followed by subjects like Architecture, Web 2.0, Security, etc.

This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting on this blog. It’s a litle quite at the moment, but this is more because of I’m waiting for Sitecore 5.3 and the amount of work at LECTRIC. Trying to continue writing at least on weekly base, starting tomorrow.

My new blog can be found on: Filled it a little today, have 20 subjects to write about waiting in the queue. The blog is really ordered in categories, because I can imagine that C#-developers aren’t interested in the new things I’ve discovert about Java Spring. That’s it for now.
It’s quite hot in The Netherlands so sleeping isn’t a possibility until midnight, so maybe you’ll see me back later ;).