First impression: 5.3 in action!

Lars showed us last tuesday 5.3. Finally in actions. No more screenshots, just actions.
I was extremly surprised. It even looked 20 times faster. And ofcourse the new Content Editor is a real improvement.

Here are some Content Editor improvements:
Locking items: Items like ‘Content’ and ‘Media Library’ are no locked by default. This means our customers aren’t able anymore to delete them :P.
Hiding and showing items based on what a users hould do(for example, only show ‘content’ and get rid of media library, masters, etc).
Security presets: your most sued security settings can be configured once and you can easily click on them in your taskbar, and they are applied on this item.
Media Items: New way of showing them and they are saved in the database instead as on disk.

But there’s definitelly more! For example: Sitecore IDE. Lars explained this is the first start to a new way of Sitecore Developing. In the main future, as developer, you will just work in the Sitecore IDE. Tools like the XPath Builder. More tools will be created in the future. Guess this is also a job for the community.

Shell: Even this part is improved. Jakob wrote before about JSON, a new way of communicating with the Sitecore Server. As far as I’ve seen, this is definitelly an improvement. And ofcourse, the client can be opened in Fullscreen mode. Lars showed the speed of the menu against the menu’s of Windows itself. It looked like Sitecore was faster in some cases! 🙂

There’s more and more and more!:
Somewhere at around the start of 2007, Sitecore will have a Visual Studio 2005 Plugin available. I know Sitecore for nearly 2 years, so this definitelly this will be a Take-Over-TheWorld-Plugin. As developer you just can skip the Shell, just work inside your VS2005.

There are some more thing upcoming, major and less important, but as far as I know, they don’t share their secrets with the world. So at least they are important enough to hide from us :P.

We just have to wait a week or 3, then the public beta will be available.