These days

It’s quite busy these days… Our team is woking on 3 brand new projects and a sub-site one exsisting project. Two of the new projects are internet sites. One of them is the base-production for a full publication platform of one of our customers, the other one a rebuild of an exsisting site in ASP. This last production will be restyled later this year(read: end of this summer).
The last new project is my project. It’s a quite big intranet. Luckily without intergrating lots of other systems :), so I’m able to create some custom controls for our LECTRIC-Lib and create strictly defined StartUp, Deploy and Test procedures!
We’ve just released 3 projects, will review them here when I’ve got premission from our Sales-team. Our goal is 15 new Sitecore projects this year, but actually it will look more and more like we’re going to release 25 projects :P. A bit of pressure is good for a lazy programmer ;).

Lars Nielsen is in The Netherlands. He’s training some of the dutch partner-engineers and 2 of my collegues. Today, he’ll show us 5.3 Alpha and it looks like I’ll get the possibility to play with it a little. Actually can’t wait!

Tomorrow I going to shwo my Sales-collegues some stuff about .NET 2.0, the future vision of Microsoft, etc. The workshop is called ‘.NET 2.0 for salesmen’ but also our project managers are invited. When some people are interested, I can send the sheets(build with Office 2007 :D). Just contact me at LECTRIC: a-dot-degroot-at-lectric-dot-nl.
This is it for now. Bye 🙂