Dividing Content and Navigation Structure

Been thinking about dividing content, navigation structures, webediting, etc. for 3 days now. What’s the issue? Well the following thing: Most of our customers definitelly want high advanced news section for example. An easy way to solve this is to create a big storage-house with ‘News-items’ divided in folders which they can create by their own(retrieving them using Sitecore XPath). So no matter how the structure of the folders are, we just create some sublayouts and show the news of this week, last week, last month, pages archives, etc. Some problems, we also have to show the news details and content has to be shared between the internet and intranet environments… What are you going to do with the nice urls? 90% of the time you are going to use something like this: http://intranet.lectric.nl/news/newsdetail.aspx?id={23456789023456789056789}. In an intranet this isn’t so bad at all. Search engines like Google will not spider the pages and you can explain it to the audience easy. But what happend when you do the same on the internet site. Right, URLs are still ugly, Search Engine optimalisation(hot item, these days) will be harder, etc.

The solution isn’t so hard. Altough I’ve to work it out, it shouldn’t be so hard.
You have to create 3 nodes:
– Internet
– Intranet
– Shared Content

Then you just have to use the __Alias__Proxy-template and create two of them pointing to the Shared Content-node in the Internet and Intranet Node. Now you’ve got your content available on both websites. Last thing you have to do is setting up security.
Make sure you’ve got for both websites it’s own domain configured in the web.config(Example: Internet uses the domain ‘Extranet’ and Internet uses the domain ‘Intranet’). Give the items in ‘Shared Content’ the right security on both domains on the everyone role.

Very last thing: Having problems now with the layouts? You can easily solve this using different devices for Intranet and Internet.

Et voìla!(That’s French ;)) Now we are sharing content without any problems and it’s secure too!
My battery is low, so for any questions, just react. I’ll test this solution very soon and come back with results, in theory it should work!

Updated: The Alias definitelly should be ‘Proxy’. Happy weekend!