Content Editor Training, The Eve After

Well, wasn’t so bad afterall :). Did my job and everybody was happy.
Now.. How to do this in a way everybody starts from zero and everybody can do the basics in Sitecore at the end of the course.

– Classroom with for every 2 students 1 computer
– Beamer
– Working demo-site
– Working site of the customer

Basic Editor training:
1. Introduce yourself (see the Sitecore Training Materials for Developers and Administrators)
2. Introduce the students: Names(write them down!), jobtitle, relation to the site/intranet and experience with software(like (Star/Open/Microsoft)Office, Lotus, WP, etc).
3. Introduction to ‘What’s content’. Examples, etc, why you want to create some structure in your content. Why is it usefull?
4. Introduction about Content Management in the Web-world. Show some names(Open Text, Tridion, MediaSurface, SmartSite, etc). Explain what kind of companies do use them.
5. Explain why a CMS isn’t a Document Management System, but can include it.
6. Based on the file structure in the ‘My Documents’-folder, you can easily explain what’s a tree-structure, like Sitecore has.
7. Ask your students what they now expect from Sitecore, the system they are going to work with. You can just figure out in a second if there are any questions left.

Small break.

8. Show the client, loging in into the desktop, etc. Show them what Sitecore can be in a rush. Show everything, so they got more information then they can ever store in their grey brains(changing desktop, changing UserIcon, name, etc).
9. Then just show the content editor, create a simple item and let them do it.
10. Give your students the oppotunity to play with the HTML-editor
11. Publish their changes and show them to them
12. Walk trough the options of the HTML-editor(like Word-cleanup, etc)
14. Explain the way the Content Editor is designed, where to navigate(will change in 5.3). It will be good to give them a grid with the right names just on a paper(treecrumb, etc).
15. Give the oppotunity to explore the Content Editor, deifferent viewers, etc
16. Show the Media Library, upload a picture, let them do it and insert in the pages which are created before


You can show the Webediting now, altough, if you have a structure which includes both content as the site navigation(50% of the cases, I’ve seen, good one to write an article about ;)).
After it, you can show the custom templates and applications you’ve made for this production.
Going to create some slides for this and finetune it a bit. Definitelly think I’m on the good way as I’ve seen the reactions this morning.