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Finally back from vacation. Definitelly had a good time! Have been in the beautifull landscape of Val Thorens. A place where you can ski and snowboard till half may. It brought some rest and lot of inspiration to start working on lots of new stuff. Hoped to see an announcement about the first beta stage of 5.3, but guess that I’ve to wait a month or longer :P…

Alex down in the snow 🙂

Tomorrow, my first day back at the office, I have to train 8 people of an Intranet we are currently developing based on Sitecore. I’ve to instruct these guys how to work with Sitecore. At the moment we’ve some metarials but notthing like a real training/program. Tomorrow at the end of the day I definitelly hope I’ve the idea how to instruct this kind of audience in the feature.

My idea for tomorrow:
– Introduction of myself
– Introduction of the people in front of me
– Introduction to ‘Content Management’
– Sitecore, what is, what should, what’s the difference between what they expect…
– Content Editing, creating items, masters, templates, etc
– Custom Development(imports, exports)
Webmaster training… How to create, manage roles, users, etc.(Kind of Administrator training but a bit of less heavy).

Tomorrow more!

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