5.3 brings: Licensing and remoting

Well, didn’t kept my promise, but have written some much lines of code, that I at least can be proud of myself. 🙂

Well, the subject, remoting and licensing… As the license model hasn’t changed so far since critical notes of an amount of partners, I see some light at the end of the tunnel. We now know Sitecore isn’t the system anymore for small business(altough I just got the idea for following concept: shared sitecore hosting on a webfarm based on shared modules and shared layouts). It’s grown up. The development is getting more stable and releases are on all fronts(design, usability, commercial and technical) better then ever. So far the compliments…. 😛 Back to the licensing model: what are we going to do with the additional server which is the ‘master’ of the remoting? Do we have to pay for it?
My (unasked) opinion: it’s no Runtime, neither it is a ContentEditor, but a DataAccess layer. I’ve never seen Sitecore.DataAccess in an License.xml. So why should it there in the future? Hmmzzz. maybe it isn’t so bad to have one, delivert together with the ContentEditor/CMS license. A possibility for making money out of it is by making it possible to create a DataAccesLayer-cluster. Several of Applicationservers. Enterprise architectures are in front of our hands. 😛

* Alex dreaming …

  • Can we use it in the future for desktop applications?
  • Different Services? Document solutions?
  • AdvancedVS Team System Intergartion 😉
  • …..
  • Back to the real world:
    I’m very interested in the posibilities in Sitecore 5.3 with remoting. As more and more from our customers expect that we deliver CMS-solutions divided in several tiers(another post is upcoming on this subject), it’s definitelly a good step that the architecture of Sitecore grows with us. What I’m wondering now is what problems remoting solves. Can we get rid of the WebFarms using the &^%$ Staging module? What about configuring? Deployment? Version differences, additional object models, etc, etc. Anothe line full of questions… As soon as I’ve a alpha or beta in my hands, I’m definitelly going to tell you guys more.

    Note: I’ve talked about the remoting calling a DataAccesLayer above, I can imagine there’s several Bussines Logic in this layer, but for me the basic functionality of the Sitecore APIis a (gentle) way of retrieving my content.