First screenies Sitecore 5.3

Finally, there are screenshots available for Sitecore 5.3. This new generation of Sitecore development, which is based on the .NET Framework 2.0, introduces lots of new functionality requested by partners and customers, based on the experiences the past year of Sitecore 5 usage and development. .NET 2.0 also brings the ability for the core development team to expand the functionality with the new intergration in SQL Server 2005. Next to it, the API will be restyled, using Generics and Nullable types, to make a even better abstract Framework.

Here are screenshots I’ve seen:

The new IDE: Sitecore XPath tester

The new editor, screenie 1

The new editor, screenie 2

I’ll keep you guys informed. The sources of these screenshots are just the blogs of Jakob Christensen and Lars Nielsen.