IE7, Modal dialogs, Feedback and SDN5 Problems?!

One of the main differences in IE7 is the way modal dialogs are implemented. For example: in all the dialogs is the addressbar displayed. It’s launched in another way(it goes trough a different security pipeline). Mostly it has the same properties a popup. But.. there’s more! You can resize them without any problem and last but not least, you never got that problem again that everything is locked because there’s a hidden modal dialog. IE7 will change the tabicon. For more information about modal dialogs click here.

The publishing dialog of Sitecore

By the way, the IE-team does give feedback in chatsessions. You can find the shedule of those chats here. Can we do those sessions with Ole and Runi for Sitecore too…? 😉

SDN5 isn’t right rendered by IE7. I guess Alexey Rusakov has made SDN5 and he should shame himself! 😛
I found this in their HTML:

Now my searchbox in IE7 looks like this?!

Only 1 line of the box appears

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