Media Library items should be checkinnable!

I try to update my blog on daily base, unfortunality at the moment my work doesn’t give me the time to do it.
Then you have to do it in the evening, but sometimes is your personal (offline) life more important then your Sitecore blog. At the end of next week, I’ll be back at the LECTRIC-office in Zaltbommel on daily base which gives me more time relaxation, which also means more time for my blog. Going to upograde it to WordPress 2.0, improving the design a little, re-ordering categories, etc.

This post is about a problem I had with users in the standard ‘Editor’-role. When they edit a MediaLib-item in Sitecore they weren’t able to check it in again.
Here’s what happend:

Options when I navigate to an item in the Media Library. The editor clicks on ‘Edit’.

Look, no check-in option!

The security-options for this problem can be easily found in the core database:

Click for bigger and expanded version
Core database: /sitecore/content/Applications/Content Editor

Change the Red Disallow for Read to the Green Allow for Read and you’ll see this as Editor in the future:

Look, a check-in option!