Pipelines: RenderingHack and maybe some improvements – updated

I just found something strange in the saveUI-pipeline:

What is this? A fix for renderings? Does it change id’s for example? Or…?
Another processor which isn’t activated:

The documentation in for this Namespace doesn’t give me an indication what the function ofRenderingHack-class is:

I don’t expect it is a real work-around. Then you wouldn’t deliver it with in your release?
When I’m thinking now at the pipelines. Wouldn’t it be easy that you easily could configure your whole namespace:
<mypipeline namespace="Sitecore.Pipelines.MyCustomPipeline" assembly="Lectric.SitecoreAddOn" />

With an overrule for classes you don’t want to include:
<mypipeline namespace="Sitecore.Pipelines.MyCustomPipeline" assembly="Lectric.SitecoreAddOn">
<processor mode="off" type=^$(namespace).MyCustomExcludedPipelineAction, $(assembly)" />

Going to think about if this is really something which I should sent to Sitecore. Suggestions are welcome.

Update: Two minutes afterwards I’m realising that it would be a problem for the order of the pipeline. Monday morning…