How to add an admin-feature to your editor menu?

At the moment I’m on daily base mostly at the office of one of our customers. At the office they definitelly miss me ;). On daily base I get this kind of e-mails or phone-calls:

Hi Alex,

The people of customer ‘X’ want to acces the recyclebin.
Do you know how to configure this in SC5?
I can’t find it, guess the admin is only allowed to show it?


Collegue Y

As I’m not so bad as they think at the office, here’s the solution(inclusive screenshots):

First of all, log in as admin…
Second, switch to the core database:

This wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now real work starts:
Go to the Content Editor. The three should look like the left image below.
Open the ‘Document and Settings’-node (Screenshot on the right)


We are on the right way! You rather take a cup of coffee now. The hardest part is upcoming…

Well, expand now ‘All Users’ and do the same for ‘Start menu’ under it. Again the same for ‘Right’ and ‘Programs’ (they are both at the same level).
The node should look like the node on the screenshot below:

Now select the option from the ‘Administration Tools’ you want to enable for the Editors. Right-click on the item > Copying > Copy To (See above).
When you actually click on ‘Copy To’, the following Modal Window will appear:

There, select the ‘Program’-node to copy to. So the program will be in ‘All Programs’. Click on Copy.
Now you have to navigate to the newly copied item.
When you’ve found it, you don’t have to forget to set at least premissions for the editors:

Wow! We’re ready! Now you can play a litle with right and maybe it’s good to re-order the newly enabled application. But that’s all up to you :).
Log in as a Editor to check out if the item is really enabled. But the stuff above worked fine for me at and So I guess it will work for whole the 5-branche.